Baby Liam’s Milestones – First Year Of Life


I’m so proud to say that we’ve successfully raised such a marvelous baby! My how the time has flown!

To celebrate, I’ve made a timeline of all of his recorded milestones from his first year! ENJOY!

19th December – Liam Was Born!
20th December – Liam Met Family And Friends
21st December – Liam Met Family And Friends
22nd December – Liam Met Family And Friends
23rd December – Liam Met Family And Friends
23rd December – My First Official Night Looking After Liam!
24th December – Liam Came Home From The Hospital.
25th December – First Family Gathering.
25th December – First Christmas.
25th December – Liam Met His Great Nana Amy and ‘Uncle’ Dez For The First Time.

1st January – Liam’s First New Years!
1st January – Liam Met Our Next Door Neighbours.
6th January – First Time Liam Was Breastfed in Public – Cafe Bonjournos Lunch.
7th January – First Time Liam Enjoyed Nursery Rhymes.
7th January – Liam’s First Full Day of Exclusively Breastfeeding.
10th January – First Vlog With Liam.
13th January – Liam’s First Official Photoshoot.
15th January – Liam’s Nails Were Clipped For The First Time.
15th January – Liam’s First Pram Outing To The Local Park. (First “Outside Time”.
16th January – Liam Slept For A 5 Hour Stretch For The First Time
16th January – Liam’s First 2 Hour Feeding Session. (First Time He Drained Both Breasts.)
18th January – Liam Could See His Lamb Mobile.
19th January – Liam Turned One Month Old.
20th January – Liam Weed On His Mum For the First Time (exterior) 😉
20th January – Liam wore A Headband For The First Time.
24th January – Liam Tasted (and hated) Hot Salami.
25th January – Liam’s First Shopping Trip.
25th January – Liam’s First ‘Picnic’.
25th January – Liam’s First Day Trip / Road trip.
26th January – Liam Joins Mealtime At The Family Table.
26th January – Gave Liam Tummy Time On Playmat In His Cot For The First Time.
26th January – Liam Tried Pink Lemonade For The First Time.
26th January – Liam’s First Near-Death Experience.
26th January – Liam Met my cousin Ryan and his wife Kathryn.
27th January – Liam Met His Great Auntie Lynne.
28th January – First Daddy / Son Dance.
28th January – Liam Started Staring At Me
29th January – Liam Slept For 8-9 Hours!
29th January – Liam Survived his first fall (Bed to bouncer)
30th January – Liam Slept Through The Night.
31st January – Liam Smiled At Me!
31st January – Liam Loves SINGAMAJIGS!
10th February – Liam’s First Train Ride
10th February – Liam’s First Playground
10th February – Liam’s First Slide.
13th February – Looked After Liam All By Myself!
15th February – Liam Learns To Smile Socially, and Begins To Play Games.
15th February – Liam Sleeps In His Cot.
16th February – Liam cried “ba”.
17th February – We Put Baby Bath In The Big Bath.
18th February – Liam can vocalize “ng”.
19th February – Liam Turned 2 Months Old!
20th February – Liam’s First Swing!
22nd February – Liam Took His First Photograph.
27th February – Liam Experienced Light Rain.
28th February – Liam’s First Cloth Diaper.
3rd March – Liam’s First Massive Smiling Session (With Michael.)
3rd March – Liam’s First Baby Massage And Stretch Session.
4th March – Liam Begins Playing With His Hands.
4th March – Liam Began To Drool.
4th March – Liam Fits 000 Clothes!
6th March – Officially Moved Liam From 0000 to 000.
6th March – Liam Went From Belly To Back.
6th March – Liam Started Sucking His Fingers.
7th March – Liam’s First Babysitter.
8th March – Liam Got His First Balloon Animal.
8th March – I walked with Liam In The Pram To The Shops. (2 Hour Round Trip.)
9th March – Liam and I Went Outside and Experienced Nature!
12th March – Liam’s First Pay Day (Arrears From Centrelink.)
15th March – Liam’s First (Assisted) Steps!
17th March – Liam Learns To Grasp With His Left Hand.
19th March – Liam Turns 3 Months Old!
19th March – Daddy / Son Matching Outfits.
19th March – Liam’s First Piggy Back Rides!
26th March – Liam Discovered His Feet and His Penis.
26th March – Liam Tried Icecream (And Liked It.)
26th March – Liam Enjoys His Mobile (And Prefers Eeyore.)
27th March – Liam’s Worked Out How To Pull Dummy Out (And Tries To Put It Back In.)
28th March – Liam Rolled Front To Back.
28th March – Liam Learnt To Splash.
28th March – Liam’s First In-Home Swimming Lesson.
28th march – First Daddy / Son Bath.
29th March – Liam Is 100 Days Old!
31st March – Liam Tried And Liked Banana!
1st April – Liam’s First Brown Poo.
1st April – Liam Began Playing With Toys On His Swing.
3rd April – Liam Turned His First Paige Of A Book “Pig The Pug”.
5th April – Liam Scoffed 3 Huge Gulps Of Coffee. (He Loved It.)
5th April – Liam Laughed For The First Game (‘Thrum Tika Ta’ Game.)
5th April – Liam Began Exploring The Texture, Look, and Feel Of My Boobs.
7th April – Liam Began To Baby Babble and Coo.
7th April – Liam Reacts Positively To People Saying “He He.”
10th April – Liam Learnt To Blow (and began pushing soothing fingers out his mouth by blowing on them.)
14th April – One Year Since Liam Was Conceived!
15th April – Liam Begins To Have Full “Conversations” With Michael And I.
16th April – Liam Discovered Fish In A Tank.
16th april – Liam Met Kiki For The First Time
16th April – Liam Tasted Mozzarella Cheese.
17th April – Liam Said “Ba”.
17th April – Liam Tasted Potato and Chicken (And Peri PEri Sauce) And Loved It.
17th April – Liam Plays New Games Involving Distnce, itch, Volume, and Speed.
17th April – Liam Learns To Blow Bubbles Out OF His Mouth.
17th April – Liam Began Making A “What The ….” Look When HE’s Unsure OF Something.
18th April – Massive Laughing Session With Michael.
18th April – Liam Begins To Appreciate derivations of “Peekaboo” and raspberry blowing.
18th April – Liam is Awake and Happy for around 3 hours straight!
18th April – Liam Begins To Request Tummy Time!
19th April – Liam Turns 4 Months Old
19th April – Liam Pulls Out My Hair, Plays With It, And Turns It Into A Hairball!
19th April – Michael Holds Liam By All 4s In 1 Hand.
19th April – Liam Went For Well Over 7 Hours Of Mostly Awake Time Without Requesting His Dummy.
19th April – Liam stops crying when he is shown a full bottle
19th April – Liam kicks me HARD in the arm for the first time.
19th April – Liam peed on his dad for the first time.
20th April – Liam discovers BACON!
20th April – Liam tried beetroot!
20th April – Liam tried egg!

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