24-26 Week Update


Lately I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my overall shape! My belly does stick out a lot more, and I can no longer maneuver my belly, as it’s a lot stiffer when poked. I can’t see my legs, etc just by looking down anymore. my ‘fat rolls’ have now migrated into the ‘main belly’, and my undies keep slipping down under my belly, even though I like them high waisted, over the bulge.

My right breast feels and looks a lot bigger now, and that nipple has definitely gotten bigger and darker. Sometimes I wake up to find tiny white flecks on the actual nipple, which we suspect might be the beginnings of milk production? The left breast hasn’t changed much this month, apart from gaining a few skin tags or something.

Heartburn has gotten worse. I’m thinking that quick-eze won’t cut it anymore.


We bought a fetal heart monitor, though we haven’t had any success with it yet. It came with a fetal microphone, which I’ve used to talk to, sing to, and play music to the baby.

Last week I was chatting to my neighbours and told them that our nursery is sheep themed! They were nice enough to give us 3 wall hangings with farm animals. They work so well in the nursery, and are super cute. I’ve already hung them above the cot! Another friend is offering us her high chair, baby wraps, and baby carrier sometime in the next week or so. I’m starting to seriously wonder if we should actually hold a baby shower, as we probably no longer need one!


I’ve began reading “Raising Boys”. It’s an interesting book about understanding  boys development, etc. I’m about a third of the way through.


My next Antenatal appointment is the 16th of October. We’ve been transferred to the nearer hospital since we’ve moved. The last doctor said I should redo the glucose test and have another checkup ultrasound.


Here’s the progress of our sheep mobile so far, below is an image of the furry bodies!

It’s holidays next week (2 week break) so I’m looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing a bit more, which will be good, as I did burn myself out a bit a few weeks ago; I fell asleep after my alarm, didn’t wake till midday, and missed half a day of teaching!

21-23 Week Update


Around weeks 21-22 I began to feel more sure that I could feel the baby move. It no longer feels like flutters, it often feels like he’s flipping around in there or something, though I don’t feel it often, maybe only a few times a day. I’ve noticed the movement increases more when I have my legs up nearer to my stomach.


We’ve gathered a few more things for the baby over the past few weeks, including; about 3-6 toys, 3 more bags of clothes from op shops up to size 1, a playmat (which came free with our baby monitor that cost $50), a monkey ball that wobbles around when rolled on the floor, an old-style brown teddybear, and some weird dinosaur thing that sings about 12 songs.

I gathered my box of baby things that I was collecting since my own childhood, and put the boyish / neutral things in the nursery. We still haven’t hung anything on the walls or got a name plate or decals yet.


The built in robe looks pretty full of clothes now. we went to the local discount store and got all matching dark blue hangers. Hubby counted that we had about 110 articles of clothing on them! I’m now in the process of figuring out what I have of which items in various sizes. So far I seem to have around 4-6 winter weight sleepers in most sizes, and I have 4 pairs of jeans in size 1, and only 1 pair in size 00. our 000 collection is the biggest, and our 0000 and 00 selections seem the smallest. We don’t plan on getting too much 0000 though, as the baby should only need this if premature.


I also sorted out the draws into cloth and disposable nappies, burp cloths (though we need more of these,) blankets, sheets, feeding equipment, etc etc, and I packed the nappy bag full of spare diapers, a bottle, and my nipple shield, etc. it’s not completed but it’s a good start.


Over the past week I’ve found it harder to sleep, and I’ve wanted to curl up more when sleeping and laying down. It’s pretty uncomfortable to be on my back now. Hubby has been good with giving me shoulder and high back rubs, which has been great after coming home from hours of sitting and being hunched over a desk / piano.

This week I think I burnt myself out with teaching too much, as I worked till late on the weekend, and then from 8 till 9pm on monday night, so when tuesday came around I slept through my alarm and missed my first school, as I woke up at midday! I had to reschedule lessons for yesterday (Friday.)


I’ve decided that I’m going to take the last 2 weeks off next term, so that I have a month before the baby is due to finalize things, rest, and as a safeguard in case he comes early.


My varicose veins have gotten worse. My doctor suggested stockings, but I can’t find any in my size, so yesterday I wore leggings, and they seem to have reduced in swelling a lot. I found another skirt that fits me, and I’ve been wearing black pyjama pants and my large pair of trackies to work sometimes when i run out of clothes. the weather has been gorgeous lately. it’s a pity I’ve been too busy working to enjoy it, though we’re planning a walk today.


I was hoping to go to the Royal Adelaide Show this year, being the last year without a baby, though I doubt we will now, as there’s only today and tomorrow left, and I wouldn’t be able to go on many rides etc anyway. Plus it’s hard to trust their food in case of getting listeria, etc.


I had my antenatal appointment on thursday, and we got to hear the heartbeat again; It was around 140, which the doctor said was normal, and my blood pressure was ok. We transferred appointments to the closer hospital from now on. He wants me to have another glucose tolerance test to check for diabetes in week 26, and I’ll probably get another ultrasound to check progress, which is exciting. We’re still heavily considering doing a 3D scan and double checking gender after 29 weeks.


Yesterday there was a show on called “The Secret Life Of Babies.” We didn’t get to watch it from the start but it was quite interesting. They talked about what babies have natural aversions to, etc, and why they do what they do, eg: eating everything.


I still doubt I’ve got the hang of pelvic floor exercises, so I’m wearing regular pads daily for my light incontinence. I’ve also been getting heartburn about every hour now! I’m going through those Quick-Eze pretty fast.


I’ve been eating a lot of vietnamese roast pork and chicken rolls at lunchtimes. I’ve been wanting more milk for breakfast and in the evenings now, and I’m loving orange juice. meat is a bit more tolerable to be around now when I go to the supermarket – I used to hate being around meat. Chocolate and crisps have been a MASSIVE craving over these past few weeks.

19 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry I don’t have much time to update this, due to heavy work demands and packing for our house move this week!

I’m still having heartburn, and have begun taking Quick Eze for it for a week or so now, though they’re not working as efficiently as I’d have liked…
My pants don’t fit well anymore 🙁
I had my ultrasound scan, and we found out the gender, but we’re keeping it secret for a week till we have our big reveal / housewarming soon!
My hubbys mum is over to help us pack / move, and its pretty hectic in general. When I get time I’ll upload the ultrasound piccys 🙂

Week 18 Update


Getting used to the added sleep I need.

I’m finding that I’m tossing and turning a lot more now, and sleeping much more lightly.


The incontinence thing has gotten a bit out of hand… I think I’ll have to start wearing pads.


It’s still there, but eases off a little now sometimes.


Definitely feeling the stress of work, and maintaining a house. This week I’ve had about 12 new students sign up!

I had one really rude, disrespectful, and very stressful student, and I got fed up and refused to teach her. I don’t need that in my life.


We kept applying for bigger houses and finally got approved for one! We move in a fortnight. (14th Aug).


I’m more hungry this week than before, and I’ve gained at least another kilo or two.


I’m starting to notice that my belly sticks out more, and seems quite low (which I always thought meant boy).

My boobs are still very sensitive, and I hate having them touched.

My pants are definitely struggling to fit now. I undo them whenever I can.

Still struggling with Constipation. – I’m using Movicol and dulcolax about once a week to ease it.

On about week 12 or something of my cold. So over it.

*Update: Even though I gained a few kilos I seem to have lost them again, and am back to the weight I was in week 2 or the pregnancy!?!?!

My right breast is less sensitive now. The left one is suspected by hubby of oozing a suspicious substance.


We’ve held off from buying things until we find out the gender, and move.

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 and 17



Urinating even more frequently, and when I do it’s still only a trickle. – It’s like cystitis, but without the burning pain.

Incontinence has gotten worse. I’m changing undies about twice a day, even with liners.

Very gassy lately.


Still really tired. During the school holidays (break from work,) I spent about half of it sleeping – often for 12 hours at a time. Sometimes more.


Still have a cold. It’s probably about week 9 now. Not coughing, just runny nose.


Really been trying to see if I can feel the baby move at all. Nothing really yet.


Starting to find it difficult to get to sleep. Preferring to sleep on my left side.


Found out mum craved pasties when pregnant with the three of us. She got heartburn a lot, and not much morning sickness. she didn’t find out the gender with me.

I really like cheese and beans toasties now, and am hating steak and chips!!

Loving OJ and milky drinks. Coffee tastes really good.

Hubby is drinking beer a lot. Thats his craving.


Apparently now the baby’s the size of an avocado, can play with the umbilical chord, and can breathe and urinate. CHARMING.

I did throw up once this week, whilst brushing my teeth. It was blueberry pancakes 🙁

Got my hair cut, dyed, and styled. My hectic work life was making it really unmaintainable at its previous length.


I’ve gained 3 kilos this fortnight.

My pants can still do up, but feels very uncomfortable when sitting down.

It’s much more of an effort now to get up off of low couches.

I’m losing my balance a bit more.


Got a massive toy box this week for $50.


Got approved to move to a 4 bedroom house, but it’s pretty far away from everything.

I’ve been trying to figure out how many months pregnant I actually am. Some people say it goes by the lunar calendar…. so now I’m really confused.

I told a few more of my work colleagues and clients that I’m pregnant.



Pregnancy Quiz #1

How far along? 14 weeks and 3 days today!
Total weight gain: None since week 2
 Maternity clothes?   I have been secretly loosening my jeans and trousers whenever I’m sat down. Haven’t got any maternity clothes as such, apart from 2 massive shirts for later on if I get desperate.
Stretch marks?  Only the ones from pre pregnancy
Sleep:  Can’t get enough of it!  Feeling completely and utterly exhausted
Best moment this week:  Seeing the “Addams Family Musical” and eating ravioli and berries 😀
Worst moment this week: Feeling sick
Miss anything?  Soft serve
Movement:  None.
Food cravings:  BERRIES!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Deli meats on and off.
Gender:  Not known
Symptoms:  Read my other blogs.
Belly button in or out?  Very much in! As always.
Happy or moody most of the time?  Moody!
Looking forward to:  My next scan in August when we will hopefully find out if its a girl or a boy!!
looks exactly the same as before pregnancy to me, though laying on stomach is now pretty uncomfortable.
Labor signs:  Only 1 day of cramping a few weeks back.

Week 15 Update


Went walking a few times (about 30-50 mins each time) and was pretty out of breath! Moderate pace, slight hills.


Did pelvic floor exercises every few days, when I remembered: ranging from 3 times a day for 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off to a few 5 min sessions of 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off. (Sitting and standing).


Had 2 days of stomach ache, headache, loss of appetite, and constipation, where I was extremely tired and just wanted to sleep.

Over emotional again!!! Quite clumsy – I fell over twice this week and kept dropping things.

My cold came back in full force! Guess it wasn’t easing off afterall – I think it was the “eye” of the cold.

Major heartburn and Reflux. Strawberries seem to temporarily subdue it. I was also recommended Gaviscon.

Had a flu vaccine which will last until march, and signed up again for the dental waiting list after reading that pregnancy can make your gums and nose bleed.

Had a stomach ache for most of the week.

Apparently my hair is really radiant, despite not showering for a day.


Created my first vlog. Hoped to do more, but I just felt so sick!

Watched vlogs on gender prediction tests.


Discovered I shouldn’t eat raw egg… I hope that mousse I ate was safe then.

Began to get a tad incontinent when sneezing.

Urinating more frequently, and when I do it’s just a trickle, despite feeling really urgent about needing to go.