9 Week Update (2 Months Old!!)

Liam is 63 days & 7 hours old!!

This week he’s been much more awake and alert, and he’s making all sorts of new noises! This week I think I’ve heard him say “my” “be” and “nee.” Today we realized that some of his grunts may not be because he’s upset, but simply because he wants to communicate, as he was smiling and grunting. He’s also snorting LOADS! He’s also able to hold his head up for long periods with minimal support now.

He’s been sleeping in his cot semi-regularly now, as we are trying to transition him off the bassinet because it’s getting too small for him. Last weekend he had his first babysitting experience as I taught for 3 hours he was looked after by the next door neighbors. Our neighbor gave him a new pacifier and he HATES it! So we’re definitely seeing distinct preferences for certain things. He also seems to like sitting upright to look at the world around him, he likes LOADS of attention and cuddles, he loves being rocked on my ottoman, and he misses either of us if he hasn’t seen us for a few hours.

This week hubby’s also been putting the baby bath in the big bath and we’ve been drying him on the floor rather than a table. We’ve been trialing using plain water and our hands to wipe him before a bath, rather than using wipes all the time, and are thinking of using toilet paper for the majority of wipes after poos, rather than wipes as they are quite costly and we were using about 5 wipes each time!

Today he’s on the last of his ‘Babylove’ nappies, so we gotta decide whether to get more or start him on the pampers, which are slightly bigger.

The Babycenter website says that this week he should be able to focus clearer and see colors, and that he’s interested in more complex patterns. He should have more fluidity to his movements, and should we awake for an average of 10 hours per day. He’s also meant to be able to reach out and grab toys now. He is interested in sounds, and silly noises.

My neighbour told me about ‘the wonder weeks’, which I had no idea about, but it explains a few things! Basically babies have 10 ‘leaps’ before they are 2, where they are then able to do a new skill. Before this, they are cranky, crying and clingy for a week!

He loves car rides, and is generally pretty good during outings. we went to Harbour town and Big W this week, and got; writing paper so I can make thank you cards to those who’ve given us cards and gifts, 2 pairs of leggins for Liam’s next size, a tiger shirt in 000, a cute pair of bather bottoms for size 00 (we couldn’t find the matching top), a size 2 monkey shirt, a new feeding pillow, a thermometer, 2015 calendar, scrapbooking supplies, a baby record book, a new book called “Lamb Says Boo”, and a cute formal shirt and pants with suspenders set in size 00 for his six month photo shoot (hopefully!) These were the first new items I’ve got for Liam!

I’m really hoping to get Liam more cloth and waterproof books, soft balls, a baby sling, and bath toys soon!

I tried him on a different kind of bottle; those generic tall ones, but the teat was flimsy and slim, so loads of air got in, so we’ll stick to the Avent ones.

I love vlogging now, so I decided to and tried to do daily vlogs this week for the first time whilst hubby was working all weekend, but it’s unrealistic to do them daily due to my work commitments ramping up, and my lack of editing knowledge, so I’m only committing to 1-2 vlogs a week. I still have loads I want to get edited and uploaded from way back! On that note, now that he’s 2 months old I’m doubting that I’ll be doing weekly blogs from now on, so expect monthly blogs, and if more are up, consider it a bonus!

This week we also purchased a new photography lens worth $1500 for $1800! I’m considering buying a vlogging lens and possibly buying hubby’s old camera off of him. He’s agreed to be in more of my vlogs, though he’s still self-conscious about his voice, as he has a stutter.

We have a new facebook community page for our followers, at https://www.facebook.com/TheTownsendFamily so please check it out and “like” our page for faster updates on his progress and our vlogs!

I really love to hear what you lot think about our vlogs, blogs, and life in general, so please comment, and let us know what you love to hear about the most!

8 Week Update

Cluster feeding hourly and driving us insane!
Hand expressing is going well, I’m getting the same amount hand pumping than with the automatic pump! – but the hand hurts more.

Had a painful blocked duct the other day- left side and I had to suck out the blockage myself, which was Very gross! Now I generally get more out that side than before and it leaks when the other side is being used.

he’s only pooing once a week now.

He had his first tram ride and went on play equipment on Tuesday. it was a really nice day out! we had a picnic brunch down at st kilda playground. He did get a touch of baby sunburn though, but its extremely mild!

reducing the formula feeds and going half half when i have to use a bottle whenever possible.

hes discovering his voice now and exercising his new vocal abilities with increased range – higher, and a few more shapes, such as; “me” “ow” and “ra”.

Hubby said he unintentionally said “muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum” during a cry this week, and I’ve heard a few “maaaaaaaa” and “mama”.

He can sit up for longer with minimal head support.

We’ve been letting him smell a few foods from a distance.

Dimmer lights
Chux superwipes – bulk pack
Baby Bath
2 pack of glow in the dark dummies – handy for finding the dummy in the dark!

Hubby wants to buy a new lens worth $2500 in the near future. He’s so obsessed with it he’s looking it up daily on ebay and youtube. As a result of this desire, he’s been sucking up to me a bit lately hoping I’ll contribute t the cost, but we still need to pay music teachers insurance ($250) and band fees $30) this week, plus the usual expenses, so I’m really not sure. Plus, we don’t even have that much money in total right now!

I’ve decided I love vlogging so much that I’d like to commit to at least weekly vlogs (where possible, anyway.) It just seems that we have better quality of life when we intend to vlog, as we go out to do fun things, rather than sleeping in and spending the time cleaning or watching tv. Hubby is even considering being in the vlogs a bit from now on, though he’s a little self-conscious.

Had his first scab on his nose because I clipped his nails and forgot to file them down.

This week i began sending pics and thank you letters and emails to family for gifts received.

7 Week, in the Pool update!

7 Week Update

‘6 week’ checkup:

4.1kg up from 3.5 at his 2 week

56cm tall, up from 51 at his 2 week

34cm head circumference which is now back to his birth size, as it drops due to a head shape change after birth – (probably to inflict max damage on his way out!)

He was immunised against; diphtheria, tetanus, haemophilus, influenza, hep b, polio, and pertussis in the left leg, and pneumococcal in the right. He had rotavirus orally – which is a live virus, so we were told to bag his poo’s. We kept the band aids for scrap booking.


Liam gave me his first beaming smile (for me, anyway) on Saturday, the 31st of January. He smiled at me about 3 or 4 times when I was making over-the-top faces and using high pitched sounds, etc. It was sooooooooooo cute! He’s doing it daily now.

He can lift his head much easier without much effort, ad needs less support of his head.

Starting to like being played with physically – so hopefully he’ll begin to like massage.He’s growing more hair on the front of his head now, except my hubby cut a small lock off for scrap booking.

Hubby noticed a pattern in his eyes, and it looks like they’re going to be blue, like his. Over the week they’ve gone from light grey to grey-dark blue.

He’s been cluster feeding – a lot, so it’s been hard to get anything done. He often falls asleep when I’m trying to feed. It’s quite frustrating – especially when I have to fit it in around working. He’s quite clingy now, and pretty much cries whenever he’s awake now if he’s not being fed or sang to.

His hungry, bored and in pain cries sound too similar for me to tell apart. The only way I can tell if he has wind pain now is by his legs.

He’s been spitting out his dum,my VERY frequently now.

This week he hasn’t been bashing his head into the sleep positioner, which is good J

Sleeping in 6 hour stretches most nights this week.

I tried hand expressing and its going pretty well, but aiming is proving difficult at times… I’ve been using a pirple cup which we got from cheap as chips for our wedding to express into, because it’s nice and big, allowing room for mis-aims, extra milk, and my hand. I pretty much haven’t used the pump at all this week.

His acne ash has cleared up a bit, since we stopped the oil massages and haven’t been swaddling him as tightly or as warmly. At the check-up they said it is because his skin is getting used to our world, and he possibly has sensitive skin. We’re aiming for daily baths now.

When he is awake he’s usually awake for longer.

His nappies are constantly wet my hubby said when I was at work on Tuesday he changed his nappy, and 5 mins later he’d wet through to overflowing, and it ended up on the floor, and all over his new bouncer! And he did it again Thursday, my husband thinks maybe we should perhaps use the next size up.

I learnt a few things about vlogging and taking pictures, and I even filmed and edited a few videos on my own. 🙂

He can grip things pretty well now when things are placed in his hand. On Wednesday he held money rolled up and taped, and yesterday my husband tried to get him to hi-five, and he put a pen in his hand and he scribbled his first tiny picture 😛 He’s also started to show liam parts of his body, like hands and feet, via playing games like peekaboo.


Brown fluffy blanket

3x 0 sheriff outfit

Book about Harry the hippo who loves to hide.

2 3x o rompers

1 car that goes with a car from the toy haul (which I think is yet to be edited)

We got lots of free goodies at the checkup… better than a bounty bag! We got s26 Comfort and s26 Newborn, along with another formula, and about 8 nappies, because the nurse said they’d go off and be wasted otherwise.



  • Hamper for his room
  • Book with textures and animals
  • Table and lampshade for feeding
  • Boxes for his feeding supplies
  • Boxes to babyproof our loungeroom storage units.
  • Cleaning supplies


  • Wipes box
  • U pillow for feeding
  • 2 spare pillows
  • Teaching supplies

Office Works

  • Teaching supplies

Entertainment: Liam’s been liking;

  • singamajigs,
  • music and new sounds
  • playgym
  • Tummy time
  • Reading,
  • Facial expressions,
  • Playing with and staring at my husband’s motorised faders on his mixing desk.


  • Feeding chair and ottoman $150
  • Baby bath and insert $4 (we’re getting this later today.)



The most boring vlog in the world!

This was meant to be an audio test but a very sleep deprived mum bottle feeding her screaming bub for the gazillienth time, and an anal husband wanting to perfect the audio before vlogging resulted in a rather pigeon headed jess, and the number 13!

A walk around the dam + more!

I feel like a bad mum :o

So I was trying to figure out why Liam was screaming ALL day and all night…. and why he wanted to constantly feed, but wasn’t sucking on the bottle…..

FINALLY we realize the teat has no hole! POOR BABY!!! All because I didn’t test it on my arm, as it was room temp already each time.

 —feeling apologetic.

Life through the eyes of a newborn baby.

Liam’s 6 Week Update



He has much better control over his limbs now, and I suspect it won’t be long before he’s at the stage where he is realizing that his limbs are his, and begins reaching for things.

Yesterday my husband said he had rolled off of the bed and into his bouncer within 1 minute! he can shuffle sideways now unintentionally, and my husband has seen him roll from back to front on occasion. He can roll from his back to his side pretty easily now.

His technique is using his legs to kick up and arch his back, then kick away from the surface he’s on. This is how he has been moving in the sleep positioner.

This week he’s slept 7 hours in 1 stretch (Tuesday night,) and 8 hours in 1 stretch (Wednesday.) – both at night : )

He is able to stay awake for MUCH longer now.

He almost always stops crying as I go to pick him up now. He only doesn’t if he’s been howling for around 20 mins or more.

He’s drinking much, much more now – Around double what his quota was at 2 weeks old. (in excess of 200ml per feed.) – still a combo of formula and breast milk.

He’s more able to command and hold his head up.

We’ve figured out that if hubby swaddles Liam at night (because he gets out of my swaddles in 5 mins) he can’t get out of his swaddle and doesn’t hit his head on the bassinet. This also keeps him content for much longer, and allows us to get better rest. This was working until Thursday night, when he got out of hubby’s swaddle and was diagonally the opposite way to before!


Taco Townsend all swaddled up

Introducing him to different genres of music. We played him the radio for the first time this week. (90’s hits)

His smile is almost genuine now we think.

I’m almost positive he recognizes my husband and I now.

Liam met my cousin and his wife this week.

First shopping outing  – He stayed asleep the whole time – It was a breeze!!!


First day drive / first drive through the hills

First long pram walk

First horse encounter

First tastes of roasted carrot and Pink Lemonade, thanks to my nutty family giving him tastes and smells of foods without my consent!!! (He’s also tasted hot salami and smelled bourbon!) Poor child!!! *Please note everything was room temp, and he didn’t actually take anything into his mouth. For reference, he seemed to like the roasted carrot. His first food taste was hot salami a few weeks ago – he cried 😐

His first projectile vomit was on Saturday, in front of my husbands client. CHARMING!

This week he tried the play gym in his ct for the first time, and he’s getting more and more used to it, and more content in there for longer.

I’ve started incorporating the signs for “milk” and “more” into his routine, and have begun singing a few different songs for various tasks.

We haven’t read much to him this week, but we’ve talked to him loads and sang him lots of songs, and made up a few short stories of our own. There has been much more physical play this week.

Hubby gave him gentle wizzies around the room and bounced him gently on his leg / arm and he seems to like that.

Cousin rocked him in the cradle position front to back like a pirate ship, and he also liked that.

Liam didn’t poo for 3-4 days when we changed his formula over, and then he did a great big one that was really stinky and resembled chocolate caramel custard or light coloured, thick gravy.

We were going to incorporate massaging after bath time into his routine schedule to get him more used to massages, but he came out with a massive red rash all over, akin to acne. We’re unsure if it’s baby acne, cradle cap, eczema, heat rash, or an aversion to some kind of product. Therefore we haven’t bathed / oiled him as routinely as we were going to this week. We hope to find out the cause and treatment at his 6 week scan on Feb 3rd. On Wednesday night we bathed him without the oil massage after, and we rinced him off, and the rash has cleared up a lot.


My first official day of work was yesterday, the 29th of Jan. I’m now working Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat for roughly 2.5 hours a day. I’ve asked my neighbor to babysit Liam on the few days that my husband and I have work conflicts – as it would look unprofessional to have a screaming baby in my home studio!

Gained another few kilos again, probably due to increased meal sizes, and the bbq (and carrot cake) that we had on Australia day.

I’ve realized that breast milk stains bed sheets and pillow cases. JOY.

I managed to get 80 ml from 1 breast when I expressed on Monday night, despite the bed sheet and pillowcases being riddled with large milk puddles!


Tried hand expressing for the first time! – only got about 5-10 ml from 1 breast.

I mustered up the courage to take Liam out on his first daytrip. We went to Wynn vale dam and had a small picnic, and a drive up to Birdwood and Gumeraccah to look at the Bushfire damage. I breastfed him twice in public on this trip, and it all went really well.

First long pram walk




Spare baby bottle brush

Baby oil


Rattle booties,Bible stories book – Lynne

About 7 new hats – Nora

My brother Perry’s old romper – Mum

crocheted blanket, old hospital blanket, and bibs – Auntie Mandy

5 Week Entertainment and Excerscise

I’ve been trying to do a few exercises, such as;

  • Arching my back and neck the opposite way to what I’ve been doing when hunched, improving my upper body strength by giving myself tummy time whilst on the laptop. at the moment I can only manage about 5-10 mins and it actually hurts quite a bit to be on my arms.
  • Trying “squats”, which is often very awkward and painful. I managed to do 5 x 30 seconds each per session, and I can’t get very low at all.
  • Pelvic floor when I remember (which is realistically about 3 x every 2-3 days.) I try to do 10 sets of 20 seconds, with 5 second rests in between.
  • Flexing and pointing my legs and feet at least twice a day, usually whilst I’m feeding or lying flat after I wake up.
  • Head rolls
  • Trying to get hubby to massage my back, neck and shoulders!!!!!
  • Leaning over my stretched out legs in bed.
  • Lunges.


We bought about 15 or so Avent baby bottles (good second hand) for $40.

My Entertainment:


  • Samantha Who – whilst breastfeeding
  • Family Fued (though I’ve missed it just about every night this week!!!
  • The checkout


  • …….’s got talent videos
  • DanielleBabyBliss
  • Community Channel
  • BachScholar

General Internets:

  • Facebook
  • Emails
  • Gumtree
  • BabyCare website
  • Wiki


  • Liam

Liam’s Entertainment:

  • Books
  • Mobiles
  • Music boxes
  • Rattles
  • Songs
  • Dancing
  • Physical play
  • Looking at black and white shapes
  • Learning new things each day
  • BOOB / milk


Tummy time and nursery tour

5 Week Update



He seems to have slightly better control over his hands.

He’s much gassier now, and more able to burp by himself. – Farts stink now. He has variations of fart noises, and farts in general are longer.

Half the time he is stopping crying as I go to pick him up now.

Making cooing and humming noises on occasion.

Taking longer after waking before crying for a feed.

He’s ore able to command and hold his head up.

Kicking his legs harder, and more often, and more able to maneuver himself with his legs and arms;

He ALWAYS gets out of his lamb sleep positioner now, and we find him diagonally with his head smooshed against the side in the bassinette, usually screaming!

LOVING being read to, songs, dance, and music.

Still unable to focus much, but his attention span is longer.

Smiling a bit more often, but we’re unsure if its a “genuine” smile or just a reflex.

Awake for MUCH longer, and more often.

He’s gripping our hands occasionally, and holding them for a few mins, even when we move his arms around.


Demanding at least double the milk / formula he was having before. (More than 200ml now usually per feed.) Breastfeeding in the bath was very difficult due to the slipperiness, and I was concerned about the soap in the water being ingested.

Finding it really hard to breastfeed with a bra / clothes pulled down because it gets in the way of the nipple and negatively affects his latch – to be honest I prefer to not wear a bra around feeding times.

We’re getting used to 2 more breastfeeding positions involving my lying back, due to my back being sore from sometimes being hunched over him.

Vomiting around 1-3 times per feed. – I had my first projectile vomit from him today. CHARMING!


I’m getting him used to different textures and feelings, such as variations in water and milk temperature, outside air vs inside air, and different types of cloths and blankets, harder and softer towels, and surfaces (ie benchtop, sink, couch, bed, and pillow.)

I’m also teaching him counting to 10, and saying “hello” in various languages, such as German, English, Japanese, and Latin. I’ve been trying to get him to listen to classical and classical merged with jazz, and have been teaching him Solfege and counting via his fingers and toes, alongside “this little piggy went to market”.

(I also want to teach him sign language eventually – signs like; “milk” “more” “gentle” “don’t touch” and “too hot.”)


More enjoying bath time and massages – He had his first bath with me in the main bathtub. I got weed on for the first time when I was checking the frills of his nappy after a bath (his nappy was already on – it came out the side. It took me a little while to register what it was as I’d never seen him wee. it was completely clear, like a fast trickle!)

He’s weeing a lot, but not pooing much anymore. when he poos it’s usually orange, and usually after he’s had a lot of formula.



After the bath with Liam it took me way longer than it should have to exit the bath, and involved a lot of pain and crying due to my increased physical size and lack of upper body strength – and the silly arm rest things on the sides.

Getting more comfortable with Liam in general  – how to hold him, general tasks, and recognizing his cries.

Still incontinent with urinating when I sneeze or couch, or badly need to go, but stopped bleeding around a week ago.

Boobs feel heavier and bigger, and are definitely much more engorged and leaky a lot of the time. – Sometimes I leak 20-40 ml just because he is hungry.

I’m eating less often so I think my stomach shrunk – just due to the business and rushing around trying to feed, sleep, clean, and organised students, etc. – I actually lost 7 and a bit kilos since the birth!!! I was around 164.8kg at birth I think and now I’m 156.5kg.

I’ve been trying to take care of me more this week. Making sure I eat enough, and enough of the right things, doing my best to remember and take medications, and better monitoring my drinking, making sure to move around after 3-4 hours lying or sitting due to a feed / admin, and applying heel balm more regularly, as well as taking a bit extra time to brush my teeth, properly wash my hands (for the recommended 13-20 seconds or so), shower every 1-2 days, and brush my hair and teeth at least daily. I even had time to do my nails today – which I rarely do, and haven’t done since before Liam’s baby shower.


1 Month Update!

Liam is a whole Calendar month old today!

His Progress:


He is no longer a “Neonate,” he is now an “infant” which is kinda sad in a way, as my hubby and I love saying “Neonate,” but at least we’re out of the very dangerous zone, and according to a few sites I read, many illnesses would have made themselves evident by now if he had them, so the fact that none have is good!


I’ve been having him close to me a lot of the time so I can easily feed on demand. I think he’s been cluster feeding, and I’ve had to supplement him with formula a bit more than I’d like. That being said, my milk supply seems to be slightly increased now.

We’ve learnt we can breastfeed with him lying on my chest whilst I lay down, but both of us laying parallel is proving too difficult.


He’s definitely not hard of hearing today, as many sounds have made him shudder.

He is still getting much stronger! This week I’ve noticed him being able to push up with his legs into a standing position when he is being held up.

He can roll a little bit now if he is placed on the bed or couch.

He has been able to escape from his sleep positioner once, and he’s began to stretch to the side in the bassinesse, which we think is causing him to end up diagonally or sideways in there.

He’s getting used to us more, and spending longer making eye contact with us.

I saw him smile briefly with his eyes open for the first time today.

Yesterday I heard and his heartbeat directly for the first time.

He is vomiting (posseting) a bit more now.

I think he can focus further away now, as he can look at us from further away, and I think he can see the lamb mobile in his bassinet) now, which is around 30-40cm away from his face!

He had his first bath and shower with me this week. – He’s getting more used to baths, water, and oil massages. In the bath I allowed 4 new products to come into contact with my stitched perineum (And Liam). The products were Sorbolene cream, “Mum and me” bath milk soak (containing Arnica for bruises,) Normal bar soap, and a pink bath bomb. So far no issues have arisen.
We’ve noticed baby acne on his head and body.

He’s still quite clingy, and loves to be held.


We’ve introduced rattles and music boxes more heavily this week. He seems to like Brahms Lullaby the best. We’ve been using a squeaky rattle to wake him up sometimes for a feed.

Sometimes he stops crying when I sing to him.

He had his first “outside time” and walks in the stroller, which he didn’t like.

He loves looking at high contrast things – like his black and white book.

He definitely has 2 favourite books ; “Something Absolutely Enormous”, and “My First Shapes”. We’ve been teaching him shapes, counting in multiple languages, and body parts, mainly.


He’s been very gassy this week, and it’s hard for him to bring up his wind a lot of the time.

His poop is still mostly runny and orange, though I did change one mighty stinky and slightly thicker brown one!

We moved his “Daytime” bassinette into my husband’s studio, which is further away from out bedroom – so now Liam mainly sleeps in our room in his main bassinette, and when hubby is working or he just won’t stop screaming we put him in the studio. Alternatively he’s been sleeping in his bouncer, which he’s getting more used to now, or he will sleep on us.

I’m learning to juggle work, feeding, and housework now.

Gifts Received Since The Birth (So Far)

NORA (Hubby’s mum):

Nearly $400 worth of groceries and medications, cleaning duties, and nappy changes.


$2 coles/myer gift card and a big beige teddy – he’s super soft!


2-3 size 00 growsuits

2 books about animals

1 card.

My Eating Schedule – 3 Weeks Postpartum


I’ve been eating a lot better since coming home from the hospital.



Weetbix with prunes, bananas, grapes and strawberries in light milk, with a teaspoon of raw sugar

Porrige with light milk and strawberry jam

2 pieces of Toast with Jam, peanut butter or occasional Nutella 😛


Scrambled eggs on toast with spinach and other veg

Bacon and egg sandwich with loads of veg on MG bread

Salad and ham sandwich on MG bread

Baked potato with pineapple, ham, sour cream, cheese, butter, beetroot and bolognaise sauce

Quiche Lorraine / potato and leek quiche

DINNER (Always with half a plate or so of salad or veg – aside from pizza)

Roast meats and veg

Stir fry

Spag bol







2 wafers (3am feed, usually)

Boobie biscuits

Yoghurt bar

Muesli bar

Piece of toast



Tub of Yoghurt

Piece of toast

Jelly cup

Cup of tea or weak coffee (maybe 2 a week, if that)


Mainly Ribena weakened cordial

occasional water / fruit juice or milk.

I’m probably haing about 2-3.5 litres of fluid a day.

(Over the past 2 weeks we’ve only had 1 meal in a restaurant, where I had a calzone and part of my hubbys schnitzel and salad, and we went to hungry jacks once, and I got a regular tropical bacon deluxe meal with diet coke.)


So far we’ve really only been walking twice. Once for 10 mins, and once for about 40 mins. The weathers been chaotic lately and we’ve been exhausted and busy so we haven’t done much.

On that night I couldn’t sleep, I tried doing some squats. I couldn’t squat very far, or for long, and it really hurt. I think I managed 12 “squats”for 5 seconds each.

Whilst feeding I usually roll or flex / point my legs, and shake my feet. I’ve been trying to do pelvic floor exercises when I remember (which isnt very often at all really.) My mother carer nurse said that just walking around and feeding is exercise enough for now.


Birth: 164kg (approx)

Week 1: 158.2kg

Week 2: 157.9kg

Week 3: 157.5kg


Liam’s ‘Schedule’ at 3 Weeks

1am feed / topup / change for an hour or so

3am feed / topup / change for an hour or so

6.30-7am feed / topup / change for an hour or so

10am feed / topup / change for an hour or so

1pm feed / topup / change for an hour or so

2-3pm – visitors or stimulation while awake time.

5pm feed / topup / change for an hour or so

7pm setup nighttime routine with bath, massage, bedtime story, then bed.

8pm feed / topup / change for an hour or so (often inconsolable)

11pm feed / topup / change for an hour or so (often inconsolable)

I’m in the process of trying to build schedules around his current routine for when I go back to teaching.