1 Month Update!

Liam is a whole Calendar month old today!

His Progress:


He is no longer a “Neonate,” he is now an “infant” which is kinda sad in a way, as my hubby and I love saying “Neonate,” but at least we’re out of the very dangerous zone, and according to a few sites I read, many illnesses would have made themselves evident by now if he had them, so the fact that none have is good!


I’ve been having him close to me a lot of the time so I can easily feed on demand. I think he’s been cluster feeding, and I’ve had to supplement him with formula a bit more than I’d like. That being said, my milk supply seems to be slightly increased now.

We’ve learnt we can breastfeed with him lying on my chest whilst I lay down, but both of us laying parallel is proving too difficult.


He’s definitely not hard of hearing today, as many sounds have made him shudder.

He is still getting much stronger! This week I’ve noticed him being able to push up with his legs into a standing position when he is being held up.

He can roll a little bit now if he is placed on the bed or couch.

He has been able to escape from his sleep positioner once, and he’s began to stretch to the side in the bassinesse, which we think is causing him to end up diagonally or sideways in there.

He’s getting used to us more, and spending longer making eye contact with us.

I saw him smile briefly with his eyes open for the first time today.

Yesterday I heard and his heartbeat directly for the first time.

He is vomiting (posseting) a bit more now.

I think he can focus further away now, as he can look at us from further away, and I think he can see the lamb mobile in his bassinet) now, which is around 30-40cm away from his face!

He had his first bath and shower with me this week. – He’s getting more used to baths, water, and oil massages. In the bath I allowed 4 new products to come into contact with my stitched perineum (And Liam). The products were Sorbolene cream, “Mum and me” bath milk soak (containing Arnica for bruises,) Normal bar soap, and a pink bath bomb. So far no issues have arisen.
We’ve noticed baby acne on his head and body.

He’s still quite clingy, and loves to be held.


We’ve introduced rattles and music boxes more heavily this week. He seems to like Brahms Lullaby the best. We’ve been using a squeaky rattle to wake him up sometimes for a feed.

Sometimes he stops crying when I sing to him.

He had his first “outside time” and walks in the stroller, which he didn’t like.

He loves looking at high contrast things – like his black and white book.

He definitely has 2 favourite books ; “Something Absolutely Enormous”, and “My First Shapes”. We’ve been teaching him shapes, counting in multiple languages, and body parts, mainly.


He’s been very gassy this week, and it’s hard for him to bring up his wind a lot of the time.

His poop is still mostly runny and orange, though I did change one mighty stinky and slightly thicker brown one!

We moved his “Daytime” bassinette into my husband’s studio, which is further away from out bedroom – so now Liam mainly sleeps in our room in his main bassinette, and when hubby is working or he just won’t stop screaming we put him in the studio. Alternatively he’s been sleeping in his bouncer, which he’s getting more used to now, or he will sleep on us.

I’m learning to juggle work, feeding, and housework now.