24-26 Week Update


Lately I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my overall shape! My belly does stick out a lot more, and I can no longer maneuver my belly, as it’s a lot stiffer¬†when poked. I can’t see my legs, etc just by looking down anymore. my ‘fat rolls’ have now migrated into the ‘main belly’, and my undies keep slipping down under my belly, even though I like them high waisted, over the bulge.

My right breast feels and looks a lot bigger now, and that nipple has definitely gotten bigger and darker. Sometimes I wake up to find tiny white flecks on the actual nipple, which we suspect might be the beginnings of milk production? The left breast hasn’t changed much this month, apart from gaining a few skin tags or something.

Heartburn has gotten worse. I’m thinking that quick-eze won’t cut it anymore.


We bought a fetal heart monitor, though we haven’t had any success with it yet. It came with a fetal microphone, which I’ve used to talk to, sing to, and play music to the baby.

Last week I was chatting to my neighbours and told them that our nursery is sheep themed! They were nice enough to give us 3 wall hangings with farm animals. They work so well in the nursery, and are super cute. I’ve already hung them above the cot! Another friend is offering us her high chair, baby wraps, and baby carrier sometime in the next week or so. I’m starting to seriously wonder if we should actually hold a baby shower, as we probably no longer need one!


I’ve began reading “Raising Boys”. It’s an interesting book about understanding ¬†boys development, etc. I’m about a third of the way through.


My next Antenatal appointment is the 16th of October. We’ve been transferred to the nearer hospital since we’ve moved. The last doctor said I should redo the glucose test and have another checkup ultrasound.


Here’s the progress of our sheep mobile so far, below is an image of the furry bodies!

It’s holidays next week (2 week break) so I’m looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing a bit more, which will be good, as I did burn myself out a bit a few weeks ago; I fell asleep after my alarm, didn’t wake till midday, and missed half a day of teaching!