Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 and 17



Urinating even more frequently, and when I do it’s still only a trickle. – It’s like cystitis, but without the burning pain.

Incontinence has gotten worse. I’m changing undies about twice a day, even with liners.

Very gassy lately.


Still really tired. During the school holidays (break from work,) I spent about half of it sleeping – often for 12 hours at a time. Sometimes more.


Still have a cold. It’s probably about week 9 now. Not coughing, just runny nose.


Really been trying to see if I can feel the baby move at all. Nothing really yet.


Starting to find it difficult to get to sleep. Preferring to sleep on my left side.


Found out mum craved pasties when pregnant with the three of us. She got heartburn a lot, and not much morning sickness. she didn’t find out the gender with me.

I really like cheese and beans toasties now, and am hating steak and chips!!

Loving OJ and milky drinks. Coffee tastes really good.

Hubby is drinking beer a lot. Thats his craving.


Apparently now the baby’s the size of an avocado, can play with the umbilical chord, and can breathe and urinate. CHARMING.

I did throw up once this week, whilst brushing my teeth. It was blueberry pancakes 🙁

Got my hair cut, dyed, and styled. My hectic work life was making it really unmaintainable at its previous length.


I’ve gained 3 kilos this fortnight.

My pants can still do up, but feels very uncomfortable when sitting down.

It’s much more of an effort now to get up off of low couches.

I’m losing my balance a bit more.


Got a massive toy box this week for $50.


Got approved to move to a 4 bedroom house, but it’s pretty far away from everything.

I’ve been trying to figure out how many months pregnant I actually am. Some people say it goes by the lunar calendar…. so now I’m really confused.

I told a few more of my work colleagues and clients that I’m pregnant.



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