7 Month Update

The most exciting things about this month’s update is that Liam has begun baby babbling, and said “Hello” one day before he turned 7 months old 🙂 Since then he’s been extremely talkative, especially babbling to us on the change table, and saying “bla bla”.

(on the 20th of July Liam woke us up by saying “Hello Dada,” it was just about the cutest thing ever!

Liam is now able to sit up for about 5 minutes or more unassisted, and he’s finally growing hair.
He’s extremely socially aware, and smiles when people look at him. around the same time he began babbling, Liam began screetching to get attention, unfortunately. often we now have to physically restrain him for a few minutes to calm him down during breast feeding, etc.

Liam’s rolling ALL OVER THE FLOOR! we’re now taking the first steps to babyproofing.

Liam tried rockmelon
Liam tried frankfurt
Liam tried a chocolate chip
Liam tried Lamb
Liam tried Quinoa
Liam tried bread, and cheese
Liam tried spring roll
Liam learnt to suck on a straw and sippy cup
Liam tried Apple and Oatmeal
Liam ate his first spaghetti strand and tasted mince with bolognaise sauce sauce
Liam can now press objects to make them make noises, such as his singamajigs, and the rooster on his excersaucer!
Liam weighs 7.6kg (I think)
Liam is now front facing in the car seat! (from 21/7/15)

My periods stopped this month, and now I’m about as far through my cycle as I was when we found ut we were pregnant with Liam 97 wks along), though I’ve had a negative blood test for pregnancy, 3 negative home urine tests, and an ultrasound that showed nothing abnormal (as in a cyst or pregnancy, for example,) so I have no idea what’s happening! I even had phantom kicks during this time, and chronic fatigue.

Purchases and acquisitions this month:
Babyproofing gear
size 1,2,3 and 0 clothes for Liam
Photos from Liam’s 6 month shoot for ourselves, friends, and family.