Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 and 17



Urinating even more frequently, and when I do it’s still only a trickle. – It’s like cystitis, but without the burning pain.

Incontinence has gotten worse. I’m changing undies about twice a day, even with liners.

Very gassy lately.


Still really tired. During the school holidays (break from work,) I spent about half of it sleeping – often for 12 hours at a time. Sometimes more.


Still have a cold. It’s probably about week 9 now. Not coughing, just runny nose.


Really been trying to see if I can feel the baby move at all. Nothing really yet.


Starting to find it difficult to get to sleep. Preferring to sleep on my left side.


Found out mum craved pasties when pregnant with the three of us. She got heartburn a lot, and not much morning sickness. she didn’t find out the gender with me.

I really like cheese and beans toasties now, and am hating steak and chips!!

Loving OJ and milky drinks. Coffee tastes really good.

Hubby is drinking beer a lot. Thats his craving.


Apparently now the baby’s the size of an avocado, can play with the umbilical chord, and can breathe and urinate. CHARMING.

I did throw up once this week, whilst brushing my teeth. It was blueberry pancakes 🙁

Got my hair cut, dyed, and styled. My hectic work life was making it really unmaintainable at its previous length.


I’ve gained 3 kilos this fortnight.

My pants can still do up, but feels very uncomfortable when sitting down.

It’s much more of an effort now to get up off of low couches.

I’m losing my balance a bit more.


Got a massive toy box this week for $50.


Got approved to move to a 4 bedroom house, but it’s pretty far away from everything.

I’ve been trying to figure out how many months pregnant I actually am. Some people say it goes by the lunar calendar…. so now I’m really confused.

I told a few more of my work colleagues and clients that I’m pregnant.



Pregnancy Quiz #1

How far along? 14 weeks and 3 days today!
Total weight gain: None since week 2
 Maternity clothes?   I have been secretly loosening my jeans and trousers whenever I’m sat down. Haven’t got any maternity clothes as such, apart from 2 massive shirts for later on if I get desperate.
Stretch marks?  Only the ones from pre pregnancy
Sleep:  Can’t get enough of it!  Feeling completely and utterly exhausted
Best moment this week:  Seeing the “Addams Family Musical” and eating ravioli and berries 😀
Worst moment this week: Feeling sick
Miss anything?  Soft serve
Movement:  None.
Food cravings:  BERRIES!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Deli meats on and off.
Gender:  Not known
Symptoms:  Read my other blogs.
Belly button in or out?  Very much in! As always.
Happy or moody most of the time?  Moody!
Looking forward to:  My next scan in August when we will hopefully find out if its a girl or a boy!!
looks exactly the same as before pregnancy to me, though laying on stomach is now pretty uncomfortable.
Labor signs:  Only 1 day of cramping a few weeks back.

Week 15 Update


Went walking a few times (about 30-50 mins each time) and was pretty out of breath! Moderate pace, slight hills.


Did pelvic floor exercises every few days, when I remembered: ranging from 3 times a day for 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off to a few 5 min sessions of 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off. (Sitting and standing).


Had 2 days of stomach ache, headache, loss of appetite, and constipation, where I was extremely tired and just wanted to sleep.

Over emotional again!!! Quite clumsy – I fell over twice this week and kept dropping things.

My cold came back in full force! Guess it wasn’t easing off afterall – I think it was the “eye” of the cold.

Major heartburn and Reflux. Strawberries seem to temporarily subdue it. I was also recommended Gaviscon.

Had a flu vaccine which will last until march, and signed up again for the dental waiting list after reading that pregnancy can make your gums and nose bleed.

Had a stomach ache for most of the week.

Apparently my hair is really radiant, despite not showering for a day.


Created my first vlog. Hoped to do more, but I just felt so sick!

Watched vlogs on gender prediction tests.


Discovered I shouldn’t eat raw egg… I hope that mousse I ate was safe then.

Began to get a tad incontinent when sneezing.

Urinating more frequently, and when I do it’s just a trickle, despite feeling really urgent about needing to go.


Vitamins I’m Taking For Pregnancy


Vitamin D3: 1000 IU per day (plus that in Blackmores)

Caltrate: Calcium Carbonate: 1200 mg per day (plus that in Blackmores)

Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold: 2 capsules a day

Megafol 0-5: Folic Acid 0.5 mg: every other day.




Pregnancy Purchases and Expenditure (So Far)

Pre- Pregnancy
Baby and Pregnancy Books $75
Chosun “Heart To Heart” Teddy $66
2 x Mirrors $4
Etch A Sketch $10
During Pregnancy
Cot and Change Table $400
Car Seat and Pram $200
Folic Acid $6
Vitamin D $12
Pregnancy Gold Vitamins $30
Clothes Haul 1 $40
Clothes Haul 2 $20
Clothes Haul 3 $65
Cot Mattress $67
Clothes Haul $15
Chest of Drawers $70
Lambs $30
Ikea Haul 1 $50
Bassinet $25
Pregnancy Pillow $20
Cot and Bassinet Bedding $20
3 Girls Dresses $15.50
More Clothes etc $15
Nipple Shield $10
Nappy Bag $15
Bottles $20
Calcium Citrate Tablets $12
Sam’s Warehouse Haul $130
Cloth Nappies $100
Baby Brush and Comb Set $6
Grand Total $1, 539

Our Top Baby Names A-Z


A – Annabelle, Angela, Amelie

B – Bella

C – Claire, Celia, Celeste

D – Daisy

E – Emily, Amelia, Emilie, Evelyn

F – Felicity, Fiona

G – Grace, Gloria, Gabrielle

H – Harmony

I – Isabelle

J – Julia, Joy, Josie

K – Kate

L – Leah

M – Maddy, Mia, Molly, Melody, Miranda, Megan

N – Natalie, Natasha

O – Olivia, Opal

P – Paige, Pearl, Phoebe, Prue

Q – Quincy

R – Rosie, Rose

S – Savannah, Sophie, Sophia, Scarlett

T – Talia, Tiffany, Tatiana

U – Ulyssa

V – Violet, Valerie, Veronica

W – Willow

X – Xenia, Xaria

Y – Yasmin, Yoselin, Yvette

Z – Zooey, Zoe, Zarah


A – Alexander, Andrew

B – Billy

C – Charlie, Caleb, Cole, Coby

D – David

E – Elias, Elijah

F – Fabian

G – Gregory

H – Henry

I – Iljiah

J – Jakub

K – Kaleb, Kain

L – Liam, Leeroy, Lauchlan

M – Matthew, Micha

N – Noah

O – Owen, Oliver

P – Phillip, Paul

Q – Quilan

R – Rowan

S – Steven

T – Toby

U – Ulissies

V – Vincent

W – William

X – Xavier

Y – Yok / Yokrem / Yokkie

Z – Zach

Pregnancy Update: weeks 7-14

7th week:

I Begun to get tired, and wanting to nap in the mid-afternoon, and I sometimes got dull fleeting pains in the left side of my groin. (Round Ligament Pain.)

A little nausea, but not much vomiting:

22nd May – had an ultrasound to check the suspected ovarian complex cyst and pregnancy was confirmed! We saw the heartbeat, and the technician thought I was 7 weeks and 4 days along. Everything looked normal. Baby was 13mm long head to rump. I was unaware that what I thought was the head was probably the yolk sac.




23rd May: Whilst teaching my eyesight went fuzzy and blurry for no apparent reason for 30 mins. I could only see white lines and it was hard to focus on teaching.

I told my close family that day, and my closest friends over the following few days.

25th May – Got an awful head cold. Bought a 3 wheeler stroller, baby car seat, jolly jumper, and a toy lamb.

I’m realising that I rather like the name “Leah” for a girl. my husband only seems to like “Emily,” so I thought about “Emelia” but he doesn’t like that much. He said to consider “Emilie”.

8th week:

This is the week when my emotions got the best of me. I cried twice this week for no apparent reason. I found that even tiny things set me off.

This week the tiredness has definitely set in! If I don’t get to sleep by 8 or 9pm I don’t function the next day (for a 7.30am start.)

I noticed that my nipples became larger and darker.

I became even more forgetful and absent-minded than usual.

29th May: First purchase was our Sleigh Cot and matching change table.

30th May: First docs appointment relating to pregnancy: Due date given was Jan 6th. Was told I’m 8 weeks and 6 days along.

I’ve been getting heart burn.

9th week:

No cravings or likes for specific foods, still a loss of appetite.

Heightened sensitivity to smell. Heaps of foods really smell weird.

I’ve noticed that my fingernails are growing faster than before.

Only thew up 4 times by this point – mostly bile.

Began telling other selected friends.

Began craving junk food and savory things.

Began buying gender neutral  baby clothes in Op Shops.

I have a small collection of toy lambs now.

6th June: Bought a bassinette.

7th June: had a few sips of apple and guava cider and felt REALLY guilty. Ate a lot of junk at a restaurant and felt nauseous, but didn’t vomit.

8th June: Got a cot Mattress.

10th week:

Still have a pretty bad cold. Wanted to get medicine for it but was advised against anything. The pharmacist did give me “polaramine” but I’ve only taken it a few times, along with butter menthols.

I had my first proper fitness walk this whole pregnancy.

Appetite is slowly coming back.

Decided we needed to move to a 4 bedroom house.

Went to a baby and craft fair and bought a pregnancy pillow, cute clothes, cot sheets and bedding.

Lost some of the passion I have for my job, and wanting to put my energy and time into family, housekeeping, and baby prep.

11th week:

15th June: Went to Sams Warehouse and bought a whole bunch of baby blankets, sheets, a toy dog, and a few baby bottles.

SECOND TRIMESTER:    12 weeks Pregnant!!! 22nd June! 

12weekScan005 12weekScan004 12weekScan003


25th June: Realized I probably needed more calcium than I was having, and decided to get supplements and try to have more milk. Switched to craving sweet things after having a cherry wripe milkshake.

26th June:  had my 12 week ultrasound. I think I may have seen boy bits… Everything looked nice and normal.

Began to tell a few more friends.

Acne is getting worse now, and the spots have turned really ichy. I HATE wearing makeup now.

13th week:

29th June: We compiled list of baby names we liked and disliked.

I got really bad cramps all day (but no bleeding) and I was hot and cold all day.

Saw the doctor again and the due date got moved back 3 days to the 3rd of Jan. Everything is normal. Low chance of birth defects or down syndrome. Good blood pressure. I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time 😀 It’s much slower than in the 7 week ultrasound.

I was told that I was ineligible for a birth centre (and therefore, a water birth) because of my weight. It’s recommended I give birth in a regular hospital.

Saw family this week and they all prefer “Claire” as a middle name for a girl. my husband is still dead set on “Emily” so that’s definitely a high consideration for a girl’s name.

Got a whole bunch of cloth diapers this week.

14th week:

3rd July: Announced pregnancy publically online!

Taking extra thyroxine on advice from the thyroid specialist, though she doesn’t think I have a diagnosed thyroid problem.

Sitting and laying positions are getting more uncomfortable, and I’m more easily irritated.

Did the wedding ring with string over belly and got lines 3 times, indicating boy prediction. I really think it’s a boy at this point. I would be glad to be wrong though. My husband really wants a girl.

My cold of 7 weeks seemed to be easing off..

Got a nipple shield, nappy bag, and some more bottles and a bottle sterilizer this week.

My nana and Auntie have begun making a baby blanket each. The wool being used is really nice, and super soft! One of our other friends is also making a blanket for us.

My mother-in-law has sent us two packages of baby things, which is lovely of her.

I’m aware that I hadn’t exercised as much as I should, and I’d been neglecting doing pelvic floor exercises, so I aimed to remedy these.

I haven’t gained any weight since that freak 10 kg gain in the early days, though my husband, (who hasn’t gained ANY weight since he was about 10, and is classed as almost underweight,) has put on 6 kg’s this week!!! Perhaps it’s sympathy weight?!? He’s gone from 59-60 kgs to 66!!




Pregnancy Update: Weeks 1-6


I’d been quite excited to start a family for a few ears now. I had already purchased a few small things for my future family, such as toys and things that reminded me of my own childhood. For the past year and a half I’d been collecting pregnancy books as well, and had looked heavily into NFP.

My periods had been quite irregular for about 8 months, so I got it checked out and an ultrasound showed a suspected complex cyst or endometriosis on my left ovary. I was told it would be hard to conceive, so I stopped using protection and being careful. I’d always wanted a child by 25 anyway, and I’m in a stable and happy marriage, with full time work, and a set up house of furniture and appliances.

1 week:

Last period: 29th of March.

2 weeks:

April 14th Conception – No protection was used, and I didn’t pee afterwards like I normally do.

For some strange reason I gained 10 Kg this week!

4-6 weeks:


Around day 39 of cycle I began to worry.

First symptoms: really sore, constantly hard, and tender nipples for days on end.

Lack of appetite. No interest in food in general.

Feeling Very Hungry and then Very full.

Hating the taste and smell of Deli meats

Distain for salad!?!?!

Dull pain in left side of groin on occasion.

Started to get lower back pain.

5 weeks:

6th May: Had my specialist appointment with the gynaecologist regarding cyst and possible endometriosis. Told her we were planning to conceive this year and she ordered vaccinations, blood tests, folic acid, glucose test, and an ultrasound.

6 weeks:

Sat 17th May: day  50 of my cycle, decided to take a pregnancy test. Took one that night, and one the next morning. Both confirmed. Also did a bleach test: also confirmed.

IMAG0090 Urine Stick Test.IMAG0086

IMAG0060IMAG0064IMAG0079 Bleach Test

Got Blackmore’s pregnancy gold multivitamins the next day.

Begun researching baby stuff to buy on the 19th of May.

Begun to read my pregnancy books. I especially like Kaz Cooke’s “Up The Duff.”