5 Month Update

Turns out Liams last wonder week was well worth it! He’s doing soooooooo many new things lately!!!
-Liam sat in a high chair for the first time
-Liam observes water going down the drain
-Liam tries his first jar of baby food
liam tries pear (hates it)
liam tries apple
liam tries cheese (smalll taste)
liam tries banana again (Impartial)
liam loves pear and banana baby food
-Liam enjoys peek a boo!
-Liam learns to blow raspberries
-Liam tries to cheer us up when we are sad!
-Liam pushes the bottle away when he’s full
-Liam gets jealous of our food
-Liam feeds himself with a spoon
-Liam learns to squeal
– First laughs with recoil
– Transitioning to 00
-Able to burp himself, and growing out of posetting EVERY feed.
-Sleeping in the cot most nights
– Liam sat up by himself!
– Liam tried ‘cruising’ whilst in the Jolly Jumper

Sleeping in the cot, and / or in the middle of our bed each night

Having 1 meal of solids most days.

Holding the bottle up quite regularly now.

periods were 28 days apart, and still lasting 3 days as opposed to 5.

Still shedding hair.

Purchases and acquisitions this month:
Baby food
00 jackets
Baby einstein musical avtivity table
Porta cot
Postage bags (to send things to Liam’s nana)
Waterproof nappies
6 month dummy set (f 2)
O ball
Loads of toys
2 large swaddle wraps