5 Week Update



He seems to have slightly better control over his hands.

He’s much gassier now, and more able to burp by himself. – Farts stink now. He has variations of fart noises, and farts in general are longer.

Half the time he is stopping crying as I go to pick him up now.

Making cooing and humming noises on occasion.

Taking longer after waking before crying for a feed.

He’s ore able to command and hold his head up.

Kicking his legs harder, and more often, and more able to maneuver himself with his legs and arms;

He ALWAYS gets out of his lamb sleep positioner now, and we find him diagonally with his head smooshed against the side in the bassinette, usually screaming!

LOVING being read to, songs, dance, and music.

Still unable to focus much, but his attention span is longer.

Smiling a bit more often, but we’re unsure if its a “genuine” smile or just a reflex.

Awake for MUCH longer, and more often.

He’s gripping our hands occasionally, and holding them for a few mins, even when we move his arms around.


Demanding at least double the milk / formula he was having before. (More than 200ml now usually per feed.) Breastfeeding in the bath was very difficult due to the slipperiness, and I was concerned about the soap in the water being ingested.

Finding it really hard to breastfeed with a bra / clothes pulled down because it gets in the way of the nipple and negatively affects his latch – to be honest I prefer to not wear a bra around feeding times.

We’re getting used to 2 more breastfeeding positions involving my lying back, due to my back being sore from sometimes being hunched over him.

Vomiting around 1-3 times per feed. – I had my first projectile vomit from him today. CHARMING!


I’m getting him used to different textures and feelings, such as variations in water and milk temperature, outside air vs inside air, and different types of cloths and blankets, harder and softer towels, and surfaces (ie benchtop, sink, couch, bed, and pillow.)

I’m also teaching him counting to 10, and saying “hello” in various languages, such as German, English, Japanese, and Latin. I’ve been trying to get him to listen to classical and classical merged with jazz, and have been teaching him Solfege and counting via his fingers and toes, alongside “this little piggy went to market”.

(I also want to teach him sign language eventually – signs like; “milk” “more” “gentle” “don’t touch” and “too hot.”)


More enjoying bath time and massages – He had his first bath with me in the main bathtub. I got weed on for the first time when I was checking the frills of his nappy after a bath (his nappy was already on – it came out the side. It took me a little while to register what it was as I’d never seen him wee. it was completely clear, like a fast trickle!)

He’s weeing a lot, but not pooing much anymore. when he poos it’s usually orange, and usually after he’s had a lot of formula.



After the bath with Liam it took me way longer than it should have to exit the bath, and involved a lot of pain and crying due to my increased physical size and lack of upper body strength – and the silly arm rest things on the sides.

Getting more comfortable with Liam in general  – how to hold him, general tasks, and recognizing his cries.

Still incontinent with urinating when I sneeze or couch, or badly need to go, but stopped bleeding around a week ago.

Boobs feel heavier and bigger, and are definitely much more engorged and leaky a lot of the time. – Sometimes I leak 20-40 ml just because he is hungry.

I’m eating less often so I think my stomach shrunk – just due to the business and rushing around trying to feed, sleep, clean, and organised students, etc. – I actually lost 7 and a bit kilos since the birth!!! I was around 164.8kg at birth I think and now I’m 156.5kg.

I’ve been trying to take care of me more this week. Making sure I eat enough, and enough of the right things, doing my best to remember and take medications, and better monitoring my drinking, making sure to move around after 3-4 hours lying or sitting due to a feed / admin, and applying heel balm more regularly, as well as taking a bit extra time to brush my teeth, properly wash my hands (for the recommended 13-20 seconds or so), shower every 1-2 days, and brush my hair and teeth at least daily. I even had time to do my nails today – which I rarely do, and haven’t done since before Liam’s baby shower.