BIRTH PLAN (so far)

Jessica Townsend’s


Dec/Jan 2014/2015


During labour and delivery I’d like:

Husband to with me at all times

To have have 1 midwife for the entire labour process if possible.

To use a tv or my laptop for entertainment and social media  if desired.

Dim lighting (especially for the actual birth.)

Ability to eat and drink when desired.

Ability for myself or husband to take pictures and film the birth and labour process.

Ability to listen to calming / meditative music if desired – most likely via laptop or phone.

Ability to take a shower / bath if desired.

To be informed of any procedures about to happen before they occur.

Husband has permission to massage me etc, and help me shower / bathe / change clothes, etc.

Ablity to wear my own clothes if I want.

Ablity to use various methods for labouring and birthing, such as squatting, kneeling, side-laying, moving around, a large gym ball / large bath / shower / walk around / birthing chair or stool where desired.

To be told when to ‘pant’ and when to push, to avoid tearing.

To be encouraged to give birth on my knees, unless an epidural was given.

Medical wishes

Always ask me and my husband for permission before performing any procedure.

It’s ok to monitor the baby if needed, though I’d like to be able to walk around  – especially in the early stages of labour. I’d prefer no internal foetal monitoring unless necessary, though a clip on the baby’s head is ok if needed.

I’d rather not be sent home if I’m 2 cm or more dilated.

Pitocin can be administered for birth of the placenta only if needed.

Gas and air is my preferred method of paid relief, and Epidural if I feel I need it, (which I probably will.)

Blood transfusion is ok if needed. I’m A positive and husband is 0 negative.

C section is ok if needed. – Insertion of a catheter is ok after the area has been numbed.

We are very against the use of forceps, and would much rather a ventouse to be used, or a c-section rather than the use of forceps.

No Pethidine or Morphine is to be administered, unless specifically requested by myself.

If the baby is breech, a C-section will be heavily considered.

If a C-section is to go ahead, I would like:

-To stay conscious  – My partner remain with me the entire time  -My hands left free so I can touch my baby  –My Partner holds baby after birth  –baby held to my face after birth  –breastfeed in the recovery room  –get extra help with breastfeeding   -use an epidural as the form of anesthesia

After the birth

Umbilical cord to be cut by husband.

Baby comes to me as soon as possible for breastfeeding after birth – Skin to Skin, though I’d like the baby to be wiped down with a towel first if covered in meconium.

I’d like to determine the gender of the baby for myself, and not to be told by nursing staff.

I’d like help with breastfeeding and looking after the baby after it’s born.

I’d like to be able to stay in hospital for a minimum of 48 hours after the birth, or at least 4 days if a caesarean is done.

I’d like to be able to rest after the birth for several hours before visitors are allowed in.

Visitors are not to use flash photography to photograph baby directly.

I’d like to be listed for the mother carer programme, and to have midwife callouts.

I would like to feed my baby:

-ONLY with my breast milk   -On baby’s demand   -With the help of a midwife or lactation consultant

Baby is NOT to be given a dummy or to be formula bottle-fed whilst in hospital, unless absolutely necessary – I’d much rather express my breast milk to be fed to baby should it need special care away from me.

I would like my Baby to be with me:

*AT ALL TIMES and sleep in my room.

I would like my partner:

*To have unlimited visiting time and stay with me over night.

If my baby is unwell, I would like:

-My partner and I to accompany him to the NICU or another facility.

-To breastfeed or provide pumped Breast milk   -To hold him as much as possible