Week 18 Update


Getting used to the added sleep I need.

I’m finding that I’m tossing and turning a lot more now, and sleeping much more lightly.


The incontinence thing has gotten a bit out of hand… I think I’ll have to start wearing pads.


It’s still there, but eases off a little now sometimes.


Definitely feeling the stress of work, and maintaining a house.┬áThis week I’ve had about 12 new students sign up!

I had one really rude, disrespectful, and very stressful student, and I got fed up and refused to teach her. I don’t need that in my life.


We kept applying for bigger houses and finally got approved for one! We move in a fortnight. (14th Aug).


I’m more hungry this week than before, and I’ve gained at least another kilo or two.


I’m starting to notice that my belly sticks out more, and seems quite low (which I always thought meant boy).

My boobs are still very sensitive, and I hate having them touched.

My pants are definitely struggling to fit now. I undo them whenever I can.

Still struggling with Constipation. – I’m using Movicol and dulcolax about once a week to ease it.

On about week 12 or something of my cold. So over it.

*Update: Even though I gained a few kilos I seem to have lost them again, and am back to the weight I was in week 2 or the pregnancy!?!?!

My right breast is less sensitive now. The left one is suspected by hubby of oozing a suspicious substance.


We’ve held off from buying things until we find out the gender, and move.