Week 32 Blog Update

During this week I’ve mainly experienced discomfort with sitting for long periods of time.
I’ve noticed swelling in my feet and ankles (Oedema) and my varicose veins are more prominent.

I’ve been in the pool once or twice now, and it does take the edge off. I would love to be able to go in it more, but when it’s hot I’m busy, and when I’m free it’s cold, I’m too tired, or it’s night time 😐

It’s even harder to get out of bed.

Still feeling baby move a few times per day.

Peeing more often – sometime multiple times per hour!

Haven’t really been having enough water.

Been better with taking my medications.

Inflated the gym ball again, and used it today to take the pressure off my lower back.

Lots of napping between jobs.

I seem to have another raspy cough sometimes when I wake up. I used my ventolin puffer to get rid of it this week.

I had severe constipation and very cracked lips – probably a result of rising summer-like heat and not enough water. I had Dulcolax twice which caused diarrhea for 2 days.

SUPER hazy memory.

Had my first Antenatal class on Thursday on Safe sleep and breastfeeding. I’ve booked into one on Tuesday on the pelvic floor, and on Thursday it’s Labour. Got another ultrasound booked in, and hopefully getting to see someone about labour pain relief options in december.

Made a list of things to buy for the baby shower. I’m realising that I need to get onto organising this ASAP! – only about 2 weeks ’till the shower!

I have a few pimples developing under my chin now, which are quite itchy.

I’m starting to become more intuitive with the baby moving and with the heartburn coming on. I can now pre-empt when both are about to occur.

Here’s a bump shot!

We did another thorough clean of the house. All of our pre-existing laundry is FINALLY done.

I bought some baby socks, mittens, nose suction thing, baby toothbrush, 5 jars of baby food, and a travel lotion set for the baby for hospital.

I also bought a mini scrapbook similar to the first one I made for my husband on our 1 yr anniversary of togetherness. I plan to use it to scrap the baby shower, or to use it as a little baby book of sorts – I figure I’ll need something to do in December when I’m on leave.

Yesterday was really hot, so to kill some time between schools we went shopping and I got 3 pairs of black stretchy PJs that I can wear as maternity pants, as well as one nightie with a buttoning front. I don’t like the material, it’s not stretchy, and it’s a bit short, but at a pinch it’ll be useful after the birth, when the belly goes down. the pants were $25 each and the nightie was $20.


I’ve been eating fish-based meals more this week. Still loving mild butter chicken, roast chicken and veg, fruit, and icecream.

Monday I ate:
Breakfast: 1 bowl of crunchy nut cereal with all bran, banana, grapes, and strawberries in light milk.
2 glasses of orange juice.

Lunch: Spam, lettuce, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo sandwich on multigrain bread.
half a litre of water.

Dinner: a tiny bit of a large bowl of tomato soup, multigrain toast with butter, cream cheese, melted tomato, spam, and melted cheese. 1 soft boiled egg, 1 hard boiled egg. Glass of diet coke.

Tuesday I ate:
Breakfast: 2 museli bars.
1 glass of water.

Lunch: half of my husband’s left over meat pie, 1 tub of strawberry yoghurt, 1 museli bar, 1 jelly cup with apple.
half a litre of water

Dinner: Home-made spaghetti bolognaise with loads of veg, and a bit of parmy. Diet coke.
1 glass of milk with strawberry nesquick.

Wednesday I ate:
Breakfast:1 multigrain sandwich containing lemon spread and smooth peanut butter
1 litre of water

Lunch: 1 apple, half a litre of water, left over home-cooked spaghetti bolognaise with veg.

Dinner: Roast chicken meal with all the trimmings: Pumpkin, cabbage, peas, corn, potatoes, gravy, apple sauce, stuffing. Diet coke.
1 bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Thursday I ate:
BREAKFAST:1 bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with grapes and strawberries – light milk.
half a litre of ribena cordial

LUNCH: left over roast chicken, potatoes, veggies, and apple sauce, red soda.

Dinner: 2 glasses of Orange juice, 1 salad sandwich.

Yesterday (Friday) I ate:
Half of a multigrain sandwhich with strawberry jam and peanut butter – didn’t like the jam.
1 and a half litres of light ribena cordial

1 red slushie
2 glasses of Diet coke
Barnacle Bill lunch: salad, chips, 4 prawns, tartare sauce, 1 crumbed chicken portion, 3 spring rolls in sweet chilli, 2 fishettes.

DINNER: Left over barnacle bill: 2 spring rolls, 1 chicken portion, 1 fish burger with salad.
2 glasses of water.
1 slice of chocolate bavarian.

Today (Saturday) I ate:
Breakfast: 1 blueberry muffin with grapes, strawberries and a little bit of light custard.
Half a litre of water
Snack: 1 jelly cup with apple
Lunch: 1 crumbed fish fillet and a small chicken and cheese schnitzel with a few left over chips from yesterday.
Dinner: 1 teaspoon of hubbys beef noodles
4 chocolate wafers
1 microwaved butter chicken and rice pack – from frozen
Dessert: 1 smoothie containing mixed berries, strawberry icecream, 1 banana, and light milk.
2 glasses of light peach iced tea in ice.

Current weight: 161.8kg

Over the last 2 days I’ve seen the first 2 seasons of “The Midwife”. It’s quite interesting.