3 Month Update! (13 Weeks)

Right now Liam is 89 days 25 hours 34 minutes and 9 seconds old!

This month he has been learning to grasp things and play with his hands, he’s learnt to suck on his fingers and hands, how to poke out his tongue (sometimes) and he is much more smiley! He is able to sustain tummy time now for 5-10 minutes at a time before getting frustrated and upset.

He is getting more confident at standing, and has even taken his first assisted steps during week 12! (The 15th of March.) Since then he’s been absolutely loving standing up and trying to walk!

Grown out of 0000 for the most part because his feet and legs were too tall / big, so he’s mainly wearing 000 now.

Had his first official home height chart measurement – 60cm.

Beginning to take an interest in toys.

Rolled belly to back at 12 weeks.

He can just about hold his head up without needing much support at all now, and can lift his head when laying about 3 inches, and hold it for about 3 seconds. (When left alone in unsupported sitting he still flops forward or to the side.)

Stops crying and smiles if I go near him, or pick him up most of the time.

making a few new sounds – Hubby said he heard Liam say “Hi” on March 17.

According to BabyCenter, he should have full ability to focus!

Went cloud watching in the back yard for the first time

Experienced grass and rain. Continue reading »