Liam’s 6 Month Update!!!!

Wow! it’s hard to believe that we’re already here! Liam is 182 and a half days old; that’s half a year folks!

– Liam learnt to put one foot in front of the other
– Liam’s rolling over more frequently and easily now
– Woke up this morning to find liam in the crawling position in his cot.
– Liam tried cake
– Liam tried blueberries – I think he liked taste but not texture
– Liam tried cuecumber – not a fan
– Liam tried semi solid foods
– Liam can almost sit up by himself for a full minute
– Liam said “Mama” twice (in reference to wanting milk)
– Liam learnt to suck his thumb
– Liam reaches out to be picked up on occasion
– Liam feeds himself with a spoon
– Liam learns to spin his spinny things
– Liam kicks a ball
– Liam learns about stacking blocks and balls that bounce
– Liam discovers finger puppets.

Mostly sleeping through the night now, last night he slept from 9pm till 10am!

Not finding as much hair being shed.
Today I’m moving Liam up to 00 :’)

Purchases and acquisitions this month:

Things for upcoming student concert:
Zoom mic,
hall hire
live mixing desk