8 & 9 Month Update

Liam is now crawling somewhat with ease, which he’s been doing since August 21st, (just after he turned 8 months old), and he has recently began to pull himself into standing using certain objects (since September 1st). Hubby says that earlier this week he pulled himself all the way up onto a couch backrest from the floor!

He has pulled himself to standing with no aids a handful of times.

This week Liam has started to furiously screech and scream when he wants a bottle, and we’ve experienced the first of the temper tantrums, so we are beginning to use firm voice and tone, and simple discipline now.

5th Aug – Liam began Army crawling. Liam is now climbing all over the change table, so changing him is proving a chore now, and I;ve had to find new and creative ways to change him.

Liam’s best chance of breastfeeding is just after he wakes up.

He’s in a few routines now, such as wake up, wake us up by climbing all over us in bed, breastfeed, a quick play, breakfast in high chair with water and brushing of gums – which this week he’s started to want to do himself now, bath / change, play in playpen or jolly jumper, lunch, nap, dinner, play, watch tv with us, bed.

Liam’s grown some hair now. Its still very short, but its there. He now enjoys rhaspberry games and “where’s Liam” games. He’s in 00 and wears crawler nappes. On 2s6 Progress formula – we are just moving to toddler, but are finding it causes diorhea.

first illness: bronchitis – 5th of August.

Liam learnt to take his dummy out and put it back in around the 3rd of August.

Since July 21st, Liam’s tried;
crackers – likes – especially pepper and salada
sultanas – ok
Peach – liked
tinned fruits – liked
wedges – liked
calzone – liked
pizza – liked
garlic bread – liked
hard cheese (in tiny mounts) – liked
rice bubbles in formula – liked
alphabet soup – liked
casserole – liked
berries – liked
strawberries – liked
honey and butter
peanut butter
chocolate cake
likes raw pear now
olives – didnt mind them
butter chicken – didnt like much
mango chicken – liked once it cooled down.
rice – very “meh” about it
vindaloo (HATED IT)
naan bread – loved it
butter chicken – didnt like much
stir fry – liked
first fast food / sandwhich: 9th August – subway (Vegge delight) – loved and first apple fruit box – didnt like, &
Maccadamia cookie! – loved
mushroom – not a fan.
pepperoni – liked it.
brussel sprouts – liked.
Salmon – liked
Pork – liked
spring rolls – liked
long spaghetti and mince – liked, but too hard to eat unless cut extremely small.
corn on cob – liked it
various chinese – liked it
RAW onion – liked it.
Salt – impartial
Pepper – hated it
brownie – didnt like
blueberries – loved em!
sticky date – didnt mind.
zuccini soup – loved it
mixed beans – likes, but a bit hard to chew.
weet bix – loved it
orange – loved it
taco sauce and shells – liked.

Liam first fed himself with a spoon: 10th August

Liam was baptized under Christianity: 22nd August 2015

Yesterday Liam’s bum was wiped on the toilet for the first time – prior to bathing.

2 thoughts on “8 & 9 Month Update

  1. Wow!!! Liam is getting so big and strong!

    Since you mentioned Liam developed bronchitis, I just wanted to mention something which may be helpful, since I suffered with the same thing throughout most of my childhood. By far, I believe the biggest factor in preventing mucous buildup which causes throat/lung infection is diet. As a kid, I constantly ate processed and gluey foods like white bread, pasta, biscuits, icecream etc. But the biggest offender by far was cow’s milk (including cheese). I drank so much flavoured milk, it was nuts, I even needed to use a respirator thingo whenever I got sick and I always developed a cough which was painful and would last for weeks. I had no idea it was milk causing all this trouble!! And ever since giving it up and replacing dairy with rice or soy milk (and cutting back on bread, of course), I have never gone back to being THAT sick again. In fact, I’m rarely sick now, and, even when I am, it lasts barely two days and has no lingering cough. Sigh… childhood screwed up for nothing!

    My advice for cute little Liam to prevent him getting sick again is to give him lots of yummy mushy/pureed fruits and veggies (especially carrot, sweet potato and avocado) to clear out the mucous in his throat, give him all the vital nutrients he needs, and to keep his bowels clean and baby fresh! Also, as much as humanly possible, stay away from dairy and processed starchy foods like white bread and cakes (especially if Liam seems sniffly)!! I cannot stress this enough.

    Sorry for my little rant~~ As you can see, I don’t like milk, haha! ^_^ I hope you guys are both well!
    Much love,

    • Hey Jennifer, sorry this comment got lost in a sea of spam for a few months – I had to sift through over a thousand spam comments – so I hope that I haven’t accidentally deleted any of your other comments by mistake. Sorry if I have.

      We really appreciate the time you took to give us such valuable and insightful feedback 🙂 Liam hasn’t really been introduced to milk yet (besides formula) so I’ll definitely be careful with it. He loves his fruit, but you’re right – when he has bread and cakes he does get sniffly. Will definitely follow your advice on this one. Sorry you had such a bronchitis-plagued childhood.

      We are both well, and enjoying the Christmas break. Merry Christmas to yourself and Minglei, hope you are both going well 🙂

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