7 Week, in the Pool update!

A walk around the dam + more!

Life through the eyes of a newborn baby.

Tummy time and nursery tour

Baby Shower Haul


After filming this video I discovered another package in our loungeroom, which I suspect was from Annie, as it was yellow and peter-rabbit themed. It was an entire outfit, complete with a yellow sunhat that’s just adorable!

My mum also gave me a few items the day after the shower, which included some baby socks, a spinning toy that has animal noises and counts the alphabet, 2 grow suits, and some green monster themed sandals that light up when walked on. I’m hoping that the battery lasts in these until he can wear them – which will be when hes 3-5 I suspect.

2 of my yr 5 students chipped in and got me a bathtime splashbook, and some cute baby socks, and one of my students’ parents gave us about 20 baby clothes that belonged to her son, who is now in reception.

Thanks to all who have given to us so generously!