5 Week Entertainment and Excerscise

I’ve been trying to do a few exercises, such as;

  • Arching my back and neck the opposite way to what I’ve been doing when hunched, improving my upper body strength by giving myself tummy time whilst on the laptop. at the moment I can only manage about 5-10 mins and it actually hurts quite a bit to be on my arms.
  • Trying “squats”, which is often very awkward and painful. I managed to do 5 x 30 seconds each per session, and I can’t get very low at all.
  • Pelvic floor when I remember (which is realistically about 3 x every 2-3 days.) I try to do 10 sets of 20 seconds, with 5 second rests in between.
  • Flexing and pointing my legs and feet at least twice a day, usually whilst I’m feeding or lying flat after I wake up.
  • Head rolls
  • Trying to get hubby to massage my back, neck and shoulders!!!!!
  • Leaning over my stretched out legs in bed.
  • Lunges.


We bought about 15 or so Avent baby bottles (good second hand) for $40.

My Entertainment:


  • Samantha Who – whilst breastfeeding
  • Family Fued (though I’ve missed it just about every night this week!!!
  • The checkout


  • …….’s got talent videos
  • DanielleBabyBliss
  • Community Channel
  • BachScholar

General Internets:

  • Facebook
  • Emails
  • Gumtree
  • BabyCare website
  • Wiki


  • Liam

Liam’s Entertainment:

  • Books
  • Mobiles
  • Music boxes
  • Rattles
  • Songs
  • Dancing
  • Physical play
  • Looking at black and white shapes
  • Learning new things each day
  • BOOB / milk