Gender Reveal Party / Housewarming

We thought we’d combine our gender reveal party with our early housewarming this weekend, as My husband’s mum is over. We were lucky enough to find matching pink and blue polkadot decorations and party supplies in a nearby discount store on the day of the party! Due to our lack of time and funds, we made it a bring a plate to share.We were pleased with the results, considering we didn’t over cater this time.

We decided to have games and prizes for a bit of fun, as many of the people attending didn’t know each other. We played; pass the parcel, (where tad won a kit-kat family block of chocolate,) Pin the gendetalia on the baby, (Joy, one of my students won this game, though she had an upper hand as she drew the picture to pin to: she won a photo-frame.) We also had a door prize, which was won by our lovely new neighbours – it was a digital clock.) We also had 2 guess the jellybeans, (which were won by Dez and Tad.)

We asked the guests to gift the baby, rather than buy us things for the house, as we don’t need much for the house anymore. We mostly got cute teddies, and a few baby blankets. Mum got us a sterilizer and 4 avent bottles. We also love the bear picture for the baby’s room from Joy.

Heres some of the happy snaps from our party;

20140823-16-44-56-IMG_8218untitled shoot

20140823-16-42-34-IMG_8167untitled shoot

20140823-16-23-44-IMG_8161untitled shoot

20140823-20-31-56-IMG_8353untitled shoot

20140823-18-23-19-IMG_8257untitled shoot

20140823-18-23-28-IMG_8258untitled shoot

20140823-18-23-47-IMG_8260untitled shoot

20140823-18-38-01-IMG_8283untitled shoot

20140823-18-41-08-IMG_8293untitled shoot

20140823-18-53-13-IMG_8298untitled shoot

20140823-19-09-28-IMG_8301untitled shoot

20140823-19-11-22-IMG_8306untitled shoot

20140823-19-11-39-IMG_8310untitled shoot

20140823-19-45-59-IMG_8316untitled shoot

20140823-19-46-08-IMG_8319untitled shoot

20140823-20-25-27-IMG_8326untitled shoot

20140823-20-29-20-IMG_8351untitled shoot

20140823-20-28-01-IMG_8345untitled shoot

20140823-20-27-31-IMG_8342untitled shoot

20140823-20-26-30-IMG_8337untitled shoot

20140823-20-26-17-IMG_8334untitled shoot