8 Week Update

Cluster feeding hourly and driving us insane!
Hand expressing is going well, I’m getting the same amount hand pumping than with the automatic pump! – but the hand hurts more.

Had a painful blocked duct the other day- left side and I had to suck out the blockage myself, which was Very gross! Now I generally get more out that side than before and it leaks when the other side is being used.

he’s only pooing once a week now.

He had his first tram ride and went on play equipment on Tuesday. it was a really nice day out! we had a picnic brunch down at st kilda playground. He did get a touch of baby sunburn though, but its extremely mild!

reducing the formula feeds and going half half when i have to use a bottle whenever possible.

hes discovering his voice now and exercising his new vocal abilities with increased range – higher, and a few more shapes, such as; “me” “ow” and “ra”.

Hubby said he unintentionally said “muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum” during a cry this week, and I’ve heard a few “maaaaaaaa” and “mama”.

He can sit up for longer with minimal head support.

We’ve been letting him smell a few foods from a distance.

Dimmer lights
Chux superwipes – bulk pack
Baby Bath
2 pack of glow in the dark dummies – handy for finding the dummy in the dark!

Hubby wants to buy a new lens worth $2500 in the near future. He’s so obsessed with it he’s looking it up daily on ebay and youtube. As a result of this desire, he’s been sucking up to me a bit lately hoping I’ll contribute t the cost, but we still need to pay music teachers insurance ($250) and band fees $30) this week, plus the usual expenses, so I’m really not sure. Plus, we don’t even have that much money in total right now!

I’ve decided I love vlogging so much that I’d like to commit to at least weekly vlogs (where possible, anyway.) It just seems that we have better quality of life when we intend to vlog, as we go out to do fun things, rather than sleeping in and spending the time cleaning or watching tv. Hubby is even considering being in the vlogs a bit from now on, though he’s a little self-conscious.

Had his first scab on his nose because I clipped his nails and forgot to file them down.

This week i began sending pics and thank you letters and emails to family for gifts received.