Pregnancy Update: Weeks 1-6


I’d been quite excited to start a family for a few ears now. I had already purchased a few small things for my future family, such as toys and things that reminded me of my own childhood. For the past year and a half I’d been collecting pregnancy books as well, and had looked heavily into NFP.

My periods had been quite irregular for about 8 months, so I got it checked out and an ultrasound showed a suspected complex cyst or endometriosis on my left ovary. I was told it would be hard to conceive, so I stopped using protection and being careful. I’d always wanted a child by 25 anyway, and I’m in a stable and happy marriage, with full time work, and a set up house of furniture and appliances.

1 week:

Last period: 29th of March.

2 weeks:

April 14th Conception – No protection was used, and I didn’t pee afterwards like I normally do.

For some strange reason I gained 10 Kg this week!

4-6 weeks:


Around day 39 of cycle I began to worry.

First symptoms: really sore, constantly hard, and tender nipples for days on end.

Lack of appetite. No interest in food in general.

Feeling Very Hungry and then Very full.

Hating the taste and smell of Deli meats

Distain for salad!?!?!

Dull pain in left side of groin on occasion.

Started to get lower back pain.

5 weeks:

6th May: Had my specialist appointment with the gynaecologist regarding cyst and possible endometriosis. Told her we were planning to conceive this year and she ordered vaccinations, blood tests, folic acid, glucose test, and an ultrasound.

6 weeks:

Sat 17th May: day  50 of my cycle, decided to take a pregnancy test. Took one that night, and one the next morning. Both confirmed. Also did a bleach test: also confirmed.

IMAG0090 Urine Stick Test.IMAG0086

IMAG0060IMAG0064IMAG0079 Bleach Test

Got Blackmore’s pregnancy gold multivitamins the next day.

Begun researching baby stuff to buy on the 19th of May.

Begun to read my pregnancy books. I especially like Kaz Cooke’s “Up The Duff.”